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All LED Lights are not the same. At Future Sustainability we have sourced quality residential LED lights for your home so you don’t have to worry. Quality LED lights with a strong warranty and service, that is Future Sustainability.

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    The Driver

    This is the power supply controller, similar to a ballast in fluorescent lights. Because LEDs are low-voltage light sources that require a constant DC current, they need a device to convert the AC line power to a supply they require. The driver supplies a constant, consistent DC voltage and current to the LED light. The higher the quality of the driver, the longer your LED light will last. Components within the driver will determine its quality, so using a reputable brand power supply is highly recommended.

  • The Chip

    The individual or series group of LED Chips are the little electrical circuits that create the light through a light emitting diode. Like any electrical device or circuitry, they can be put together with poor products or quality products, and by man or machines. At Future Sustainability we again recommend and use reputable brand chipsets like a CREE, Philips, Osram, and Epistar. The better the quality of your chip the more light (lumens) you will get for a unit of power.

  • The Heatsink

    The weakest point of an LED is temperaturue. They are adversely affected by temperature, so the ability to dissipate and remove heat from the chipset is vital. Research and design of the light itself and the design and incorporation of effective heat sinks and cooling fins will not only extend the life of the light, but ensure its reliability.power. The cooler you can keep the driver and chip of your LED, the longer the life expectancy.

These 3 main components and designs of an LED will greatly effect your experience moving to this technology. Future Sustainability has taken the guess work out of choosing an LED of quality through our vast and continuous research into the latest and best quality lights.


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