LED Tubes – T8

Retrofitting old mercury filled fluorescent tubes with LED Tubes is one of the smartest things you can do. There are so many benefits including energy saving, safety, radiant heat reduction, light quality improvement, noise and longevity. Internal aluminium heat sink and external plastic casing for electrical protection.

The LED T8 Tubes come in 9W, 18W, 20W and the powerfull 24W with lumen per watt over 100!!


    Chip Type Multi-chip Everlight 2835 SMD
    Driver SAMXON (internal isolated)
    Colour Temp 3000K WW / 4500K NW / 6000K PW
    Wattages 9W (600mm) : 18W-20W (1200mm) : 24W (1500mm)
    Lumens 900lm : 1800lm : 2400lm
    Efficiency 100 lumens/watt
    L70 Lifespan 36,000 hrs
    Warranty 3 years (5 year option)
    Ingress Protection IP50
    Certification SAA / RCM / LM80-08 / TM21-11
    Insurance Product Liability : Product Recall
    • Office Towers
    • Corporate Campus’
    • Schools & Universities
    • Hospitals & Medical Facilities
    • Parking Garages & Levels
    • Commercial Offices
    • Shopping Centres
    • Department Stores
    • Retail Warehouses
    • Supermarkets
    • Airports
    • Pure Light Colour increases Alertness
    • 60% Power Reduction from Fluorescent Tubes
    • 70% lumen output after 36,000hrs
    • Variety of Colour Applications
    • Very Little Radiant Heat
    • Instant On/Off with no wear
    • No Toxic Mercury Vapour
    • No Safety Hazard of Glass breakage
    • No Flickering or Buzzing
    • Proven Reliability


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