LED Lighting has quick become a popular solution for Energy Savings in both Commercial and Residential applications. While the technology behind LED has come a long way in recent years, end users must still be very cautious of the products they purchase. We bring quality and value to the Brisbane LED, Gold Coast LED, and Melbourne LED markets.


  • growth

    LED Retrofit and New Fit solutions can have a very large impact on your energy consumption and bottom line. With power savings of up to 85% it all starts to add up fast, especially with power prices only going one way.

  • resled

    LED lights for your home can have 2 amazing effects: 1) Your power bill goes down 2) You get to stop yelling at the kids to turn off the lights behind them. When 7 LED lights are equivalent to 1 Halogen light, there are more important things to worry about!

  • products

    Future Sustainability pride ourselves on quality, and each LED Light that we represent has been put through our rigorous filtering process. Each LED light we carry will be made of quality parts and products, and be backed with a great warranty.

  • Case-Study

    Read about some of our incredible LED Case Studies. Our clients typically see a 2 to 3 year return on investment with our LED installs. You can also read about how lighting levels improved and how this has had a direct impact on productivity and sales.

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