Superbowl under LED Stadium Lights for 1st Time


LED Stadium Lighting makes mark on NFL

For the first time ever, the NFL and the Superbowl will be played under LED Stadium lighting.

The University of Phoenix Stadium, in Glendale, Arizona replaced all their old Metal Halide stadium lights (which were 8 years old) with SSL (solid state lighting) LED Stadium lights. This will be the first time LED Stadium lighting has been put on such a grand scale and will be the greatest test for the new technology.

The CREE based lights give 2 times the lumen levels (and 75% energy savings) on the field which should make for extraordinary HDTV slow motion replay capability. The spectator experience, both in the stadium and on TV, will be enhanced and will give credibility to the technology of LED Stadium Lights.

Future Sustainability is currently preparing for the first LED stadium lighting retrofit in Queensland.

Check out our LED Stadium Lights HERE.

LED numbers in India are staggering

green india

The Indian government is promoting the use of LED light bulbs in homes and businesses by subsidizing them to HALF the cost of a regular incandescent bulb. They are also making the switch in all their nationwide offices.

The reason is because they are a mainly fossil fuel based electricity production nation and they need to reduce their emissions to meet their international commitments.

Changing to LED bulbs in India will save 13% of their current power usage, to the tune of $8 billion US dollars per year. That is enough savings to bring power to 50 million Indian people per year (according to the World Bank there are currently 300 million Indians who still live without power).

Australian lighting schemes in Victoria (VEET) and NSW (EES) have been highly successful to date. Hopefully the Federal government will step up and put together a nationwide Australian LED promotion.

Save Solar Forum

What:        Petrie Save Solar Public Forum
When:       6-8pm. Thursday, 21 August 2014
Where:      Redcliffe RSL Club, Irene St, Redcliffe
Speakers: John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Council
Mark Butler, Federal Shadow Environment Minister
Christine Milne, Greens Leader
Local solar business owners and worker

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