Solar Grid Feed-In Limiter

Grid Feed-In Limiting Device seminar

Supply Partners Grid Feed-In Limiter
Supply Partners Grid Feed-In Limiter

With the recent influx of Commercial Solar interest in the Brisbane Solar and Queensland Solar markets, the obvious issue with our Utility companies is the potential for large scale solar power being fed into their electricity grids.

Where is the problem? Shouldn’t and Wouldn’t they want Free Power? Unfortunately solar power being fed into the grid in certain areas can wreak havoc on power line parameters. Until Energex and Ergon upgrade their infrastructure to be able to handle commercial size solar feed-in, we must limit and block this excess solar being produced (over and above what is being used by the loads of the premises).

Enter the Grid Feed-In Limiting Device (GFLD) and Zero Export Device.

There have been many generations of GFLD’s and the industry has been playing a bit of catch up with requirements.

The Australian Solar Council is hosting a Zero Export and External Grid Protection seminar in Brisbane on Tuesday the 9th of December at the National College of Brisbane. Jeremy Tranter (RPEQ) is an Electrical Engineer that has experience with approval process and specific certification requirements of these types of Inverter Energy Systems.

150kW Supply Partners Grid Feed-In Limiter
150kW Supply Partners Grid Feed-In Limiter

This is a great opportunity to find out the latest information regarding connection requirements, compliance options, suitable protection relays and zero/controlled export devices, and the opportunities for the use of energy storage systems and innovative design solutions to ensure compliance.

All this will give you more firepower when going after projects to achieve positive benefits for the customer and get their project over the line.

WHEN:   Tuesday 9th of December 2014  @  6pm

WHERE: National College of Business – Unit 1, 727 Stanley Street, Woolloongabba

Parking is available behind Chalk Hotel via Reid Street.


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