LED Subsidy

Brisbane and Gold Coast LED Rebate

Positive Payback Business

Energex has a Positive Payback scheme for specific suburbs of Brisbane and the Gold Coast to replace your old lighting with LED. Brisbane businesses and Gold Coast businesses that are looking for ways to cut down on their electricity bills can do so very effectively with an LED lighting retrofit. LED instantly reduces your lighting energy consumption by up to 85%, which then also reduces your peak demand. The Energex Positive Payback lighting incentive is in place to reduce peak demand. It is cheaper, easier, and better for the environment for them to subsidize businesses to reduce their peak demand, then to add further power production to meet demand. An LED retrofit is already a very fast payback investment for most businesses, and this subsidy makes it even more attractive.

Future Sustainability offers the best value Brisbane LED and Gold Coast LED solutions on the market. Our research into LED components and structure allow us to customize the top LED brands with our manufacturing partners. Backed with an industry leading LED warranty of up to 5 years, that is insured and protected, gives our customers piece of mind when choosing Future to retrofit the lights in the business.

Call or email today to book your complementary in office Lighting Inspection and Audit, to take the first step to one of the best investments your business can make.

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