LED Street Lights Raise Ethical Flag

LED Street Lights on a Highway
LED Street Lights on a Highway

LED Street Lights are a no-brainer. They consumer 50-60% less energy than traditional street lights, they turn on instantly (no warm up), they have a much clearer white colour making them safer, and they last 2-3 times longer which reduces maintenance and replacement costs. All those benefits add up to likely a 75% per annum savings.

Current street lighting costs Australian local councils (ergo tax payers) in excess of $400Mln AUD per year and contributes to roughly 1.4Mln tonnes of CO2 emissions in the same period.

So why aren’t our local councils making the switch to LED? Is it not proven? Nope. Does it not make financial sense? Nope. Do they have better things to do? Nope.

The answer is, they actually don’t own the street lights. 90% of Australian street lights are owned and maintained by Utility companies. This is a big money maker for those utility companies, so why would they want to replace a high revenue generating asset with one that makes half as much money and they don’t have to fix every other year. Truth is your local councils would love to have LED Street Lighting, but unfortunately that doesn’t fit the agenda of the utility companies. Ethical, Environmental, and Social reasoning don’t fit into their business plan.

LED Street Light
LED Street Light

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) released a practice note about this very subject, where they have urged state governments to change their regulations with regards to street lights or have ownership transferred to local councils.

“Councils, governments and regulators will need to reconsider the future form of ownership, financing and management of street lighting,” the IPWEA practice note regarded.

Surely public safety, environmental safety, and reduction in tax payer contributions should be enough for Australians to rally behind this blatant unethical capitalization.

Huge LED Screen an Investment?

In mid November last month, the largest LED Screen in the world was commissioned in New York City. The amazing display stretches 1 city block and is about 8 stories high. It is equipped with the latest technology for Television broadcast and live camera shooting. It consists of 24 million RGB pixels and has a resolution that bests even the latest in TV technology.

The New York Times has reported that this Giant Advertisement will rent out of $2.5Mln USD for a 4 week stretch. That is $32.5Mln USD (38.2Mln AUD) per year. There are rumours that Google has leased it out for the rest of 2014.

This may just be a budding investment opportunity for the Brisbane LED industry!


Brisbane and Gold Coast LED Rebate

Positive Payback Business

Energex has a Positive Payback scheme for specific suburbs of Brisbane and the Gold Coast to replace your old lighting with LED. Brisbane businesses and Gold Coast businesses that are looking for ways to cut down on their electricity bills can do so very effectively with an LED lighting retrofit. LED instantly reduces your lighting energy consumption by up to 85%, which then also reduces your peak demand. The Energex Positive Payback lighting incentive is in place to reduce peak demand. It is cheaper, easier, and better for the environment for them to subsidize businesses to reduce their peak demand, then to add further power production to meet demand. An LED retrofit is already a very fast payback investment for most businesses, and this subsidy makes it even more attractive.

Future Sustainability offers the best value Brisbane LED and Gold Coast LED solutions on the market. Our research into LED components and structure allow us to customize the top LED brands with our manufacturing partners. Backed with an industry leading LED warranty of up to 5 years, that is insured and protected, gives our customers piece of mind when choosing Future to retrofit the lights in the business.

Call or email today to book your complementary in office Lighting Inspection and Audit, to take the first step to one of the best investments your business can make.

New Design LED High Bay Light


Future Sustainability are proud to announce the release of their new Generation 2 LED High Bay light.

At 5000K (Natural Pure White) the colour temperature of these lights is ideal for working, playing and retail conditions as they give an appeasing bright natural colour to the surroundings.


The main features include:

  • Low Profile Design (380mm wide x 164mm high)
  • 2nd Generation CREE XM-L Chip
  • MOSO USA Driver
  • Unique Aluminum Body Heat Sink

Climate Change is deadlier than Terrorism

The Climate Summit 2014 happening right now in New York saw US President Barack Obama address climate change as what he called “the one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other”. Our climate is changing bigger and faster than we are reacting to it, at least those who believe it is a problem, which clearly the Prime Minister of Australia does not. He cares so little he didn’t even attend the summit. He sent Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to present his ignorant case for a yet unlegislated Direct Action replacement scheme.

Save Solar Forum

What:        Petrie Save Solar Public Forum
When:       6-8pm. Thursday, 21 August 2014
Where:      Redcliffe RSL Club, Irene St, Redcliffe
Speakers: John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Council
Mark Butler, Federal Shadow Environment Minister
Christine Milne, Greens Leader
Local solar business owners and worker

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