Future Sustainability has been providing Queenslanders with sustainable solutions in excess of 6 years. Over this time, we have seen the solar industry, solar products and the associated rebates and incentive programs change to meet the requirements and philosophies of the current serving government and the requirements of the market.

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Our philosophy has always been to provide our clients with low risk, high performing, solar, LED Lighting and Sustainable Energy Solutions at the best price. We only provide our clients with products manufactured and backed by reputable companies. Companies like Phono, CREE, Hyundai (HHI), LG Electronics, SMA and ABB Power One to name a few. We assess and test the products that we provide before bringing to market to ensure that the products are going to perform in excess of our clients’ expectations. We always ensure that there are secure warranties for our clients in case something ever does go wrong.

Due to this philosophy, we have been successful in installing thousands of Solar and LED solutions. Whether it be residential roof tops, child care facilities, schools, churches, community buildings, local councils and government facilities, or commercial and business roof tops. We pride ourselves in providing only high quality reputable product with secure warranties, and we only use skilled, methodical installers all of whom are approved Clean Energy Council installers and Master Electricians.


We have received a number of accolades and achievements over the years, rewarding us for the high quality workmanship and secure, high performing products that we provide:

    • Finalists: Brisbane Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2010
    • Hyundai (HHI) awarded us with a premium distribution award in 2010
    • In 2012 we represented LG Electronics as a National Distributor
    • Proud National Representation for ABB – Power One Aurora and SMA Sunnyboy Inverters
    • Proud National Representation for SUMEC Phono Solar panels
    • Jersey Sponsor for Will Genia in the Queensland Reds 2012 season and we helped facilitate solar power for community rugby clubs in Queensland
    • No. 1 or No. 2 ranked Solar Company in Brisbane since mid 2011 to date – rated by independent review website www.solar-brisbane.com.au
    • Active community engagement including tree planting and social work



    To replace old “dirty” technology with new clean technology, whether it be in energy production or in products that consume energy.


    To install 1MW of Solar power and 200,000 LED Lightbulbs annually to save 9,400 tons of CO2 emission.



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