February 2015

7-11 Malaysia to retrofit 1700 stores with LED


The 1700 7-11 stores across Malaysia are about to get a lighting facelift. The partnership with GE will see convenience franchise spend near $2Mln on the lighting retrofit, but with estimated savings to be $2.4Mln in Annual Energy Savings.

Under 1 year break even period for this LED Retrofit.

The majority of stores are having linear LED tubes and panel lights to retrofit the existing linear tube lights. Their newer “next generation” stores are fit out with more attractive downlights and PAR30 track lights.

MLB turns to LED Stadium Lighting


The Seattle Mariners are the first Major League Baseball team to install LED Stadium lighting at their facility. The announcement came last month.

An awesome project involving replacing 579 old Metal Halide lights with 578 LED Stadium Lights. The savings are amazing.

60-70% energy savings.

30X longer life expectancy than the MH lights (3,000hrs to 100,000hrs).

It will also improve light quality, reduce shadows, improve HD broadcast and replay, and reduce glare in the eyes of those outfielders tracking down a pop fly.

Australia LED Stadium lighting and Queensland LED Stadium lighting is slowly gaining traction, but the main obstacle we come up against is a belief in the technology. Barclays, NFL, MLB, College Sports in the US, is this not enough proof in the pudding?

Future Sustainability is installing 16 x1000W LED Stadium Flood lights at an undisclosed Rugby Union field in Queensland (Sunshine Coast) next month. Stay tuned for updates!

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