LED Stadium Lighting is here

Chelsea Football Club has pioneered the next big jump in high power, high lumen output, and highly technical LED Lighting by becoming the first premiere league stadium to make the switch. Stamford Bridge, a world class football stadium home to the Barclays Premier League leading Chelsea FC, has equipped itself with not only an energy efficient lighting system, but a technologically superior LED lighting system as well.

Designed to give the players, the fans and television broadcasters the greatest experience available including HD super slow-mo, no flicker, and instant on/off with zero warm-up.

The best thing about LED is that it is digital. It can be coupled with a lighting control system that allows amazing ability to adjust light levels of individual lights to give optimal levels. It can also be integrated with DMX software so that the lighting can be used for more advanced requirements like concerts and stage lighting. This way the football club can pre-program lighting shows both before and after the game to build the audience up and get the fans pumped.

stadium light

Australia and local councils are still very shy towards LED stadium lighting just due to the lack of case studies. But LED is LED. The product is refined and proven. A good chip, powerful driver, and well designed heatsink is all that is required on any scale. Future Sustainability is currently working with a Queensland Rugby Club to perhaps pioneer LED Stadium lighting in Australia. Our stadium light holds all the characteristics of a top quality LED light including DMX software control. Stay tuned.


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