LED can GROW your Business

A restaurant in Sweden, called Upper House, has just won a Business Restaurant of the Year Award from a business journal in Sweden, something that i’m sure has filled their reservation book.

A big part of this accolade comes from the restaurants head chef making a decision to grow essential herbs and vegetables IN the restaurant and put them on display.

How do they grow in a restaurant? State of the art LED lighting with a tuned spectrum to promote, and even accelerate plant growth. Throughout the restaurant they have small indoor gardens that use these specially tuned LED Grow lights to produce annise, cumin, chervil, fennel, and beetroot.

Indoor LED Farm

For plant growth, the first stage of photosynthesis is the absorption of light by chlorophyll. Chlorophyll A&B and Carotene are three major elements to affect plant growth. The two ideal wavelengths for photosynthesis are Blue Ray 400-500nm and Red Ray 600-700nm.

Our LED Grow Lights are manufactured by one of the highest quality LED companies in the world and use CREE or Philips LUXEON chips.

Good for the Environment, Good for the Economy. Good for Social awareness. Triple bottom line investment for Australian business owners.

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