• 600 old mercury filled “natural white” fluorescent tubes were replaced with our very powerful “TRUE WHITE” LED Tubes. The power savings per bulb are 42W to 18W, which is equal to 62MW per year and over $17,000 in cost savings.
    • A brilliant 30kW Roof Top Solar system at Mercedes. With a large consistent daytime power load for their HVAC, lighting, and computer systems, the 30kW solar system fits nicely into that power supply and is completely absorbed by the dealership. Very high ROI.
    • 50 new 18W LED Tube fittings and 30 new 35W LED Shopfitter lights were installed in a new area of the shop to promote the pool equipment. The change in quality of light was so dramatic, we then replaced the remaining 100 existing old fluoro tubes with new 18W LED Tubes.
    • When choosing flooring, the colour options are very important. Solomon’s had old “warm white” fluorescent tubes and 50W Halogen downlights that were replaced with “Natural White” high CRI LED Tubes and Downlights to really bring forth the actual colours of the product.
    • One of the first sporting clubs in Australia to go LED with high power iLLi Stadium LED Lights. 4 new 18m poles and 16 x 1000W LED Stadium lights with Philips Luxeon T chips and Meanwell drivers give the same light for half the power, 3 times the life expectancy, instantaneous on/off, DMX lighting control, and bottom of the pole based power supplies for future maintenance.
    • A typical office/warehouse retrofit replacing 80 old fluoro tubes with 18W LED Tubes and 6 x 400W Metal Halide Highbay lights with 120W High Power LED Highbays. This has annual savings of $3000 with a R.O.I. under 3 years.


    Right from initial contact to completed installation, everything has been spot on. Your support service is great and the savings have been phenomenal. ~Autobarn

    We are so happy with the lighting.  We were a little worried how long we would see a return for our out lay, but we have seen a 40% reduction on our power bill so we can’t thank you enough for your advice and great service. ~Solomons Flooring

    The team at Future Sustainability have been very professional, and we were very happy with the installation process. After shopping around we found Future Sustainability to offer the most competitive price and quality products. We are looking forward to seeing the savings on our power bills. ~Chapel Hill


Our commitment to our customers is to provide clear commercial advice and energy modelling to aid informed capital purchasing decisions. Future Sustainability consistently engage with manufacturers of product that will honour our customers with performance and real warranty support.


Future Sustainability have distribution offices in South East Queensland and Victoria, with a focus on the Brisbane LED and Solar Market, Gold Coast LED and Solar Market, and Melbourne LED and Solar market.

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